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Year 11 Study Skills Evening

Welcome to our virtual study skills evening. We are sorry we cannot provide this in person this year but hope you find the information contained within the four videos below useful for supporting your child’s revision over the coming months. Our over-arching message is that ‘it is not too soon to start revision’ and there are lots of ways to revise which do not just include sitting down reading books. In fact, the more varied the revision, the more likely it is to stick, and the more exam questions students attempt, the better they tend to do in the final exams. I therefore challenge students to give a different revision method a go and see what works best for them. They still have time to experiment and find the best technique for their final exams in the summer.

All students should have been issued with a revision guide back in September. If they have not received this, please could they see their wellbeing officer for a spare copy.

Finally, the mock exams are only a few weeks away. Year 11 should be deep into their revision by now and it is advised that they take these exams seriously. If we have to resort to centre assessed grades as a school, then the mocks will form part of the final grade.

We hope you find the following videos useful. If you have any further questions about the mock exams or revision techniques, please contact mentors in the first instance.