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Wellbeing is critical to cognitive development and social and emotional development. At Finham Park School, wellbeing is explicit within all areas of the curriculum and wellbeing practices are visible within the learning environment, enabling pupils to feel confident, express emotions, build good relationships, live productively, cope with stresses and adapt in times of change.

Pupil wellbeing underpins practices across school, most importantly those relating to the UNICEF Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as Student Voice and Healthy Schools Agenda.

Wellbeing is promoted through the Curriculum, Student Leadership through the ongoing development of the ‘Student Wellbeing Charter’ and through the Wellbeing officers. Wellbeing Officers located around school celebrate success and provide a source of support and advice to students. Specific assemblies address various aspects of pupil wellbeing.

Meeting the pastoral needs of our pupils is crucial if they are going to access education. When pupils join Finham Park School all pupils are assigned a College Leader who oversees the academic and social aspects of school life and a Mentor who supports the pupils’ first thing in the morning, but is the first point of contact for students or parents should they have any worries or concerns.

Our aim is to provide an inclusive, personalised environment with support surrounding it that encompasses the needs of all of our students ensuring their time here gives them the skills and confidence for the next steps of their journey, be that not only in going on to secure their first choice destination, but also in playing a positive role within their community.

Wellbeing officers provide a point of contact for pupils and their families and will liaise closely with College Leaders and other professionals, where necessary. There is a strong team approach with both the College Leader and Wellbeing Officer working collectively to balance academic and pastoral needs.

Our Wellbeing staff are co-ordinated by our team of College Leaders and whilst they support across year group they also work within the College system, to provide an array of services to the students at Finham Park School.

Read our Student Wellbeing Charter, written by students for students and implemented by staff.

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You said / We did - Student Voice (Oct 2021 & May 2022)

You saidWe didWe ask students to...
What extra support is there available to help me catch up with any skills or content I may have missed as a result of COVID as I have exams this year and am worried about taking them?All departments have looked at their curriculum plans and made changes to address any content which has been missed. Curriculum maps are available for every subject on the website and in many cases in your exercise books so that you can easily see what you need to cover and where your learning journey is heading. We are using Google Classroom for home learning so that resources can be easily shared this makes homework a lot more impactful and will be especially powerful for exam classes where revision materials and recorded lessons will be shared in the run up to exams. For year 11 and 13, the government has now announced that exams will be modified so that there will be less content to revise. We have employed additional Teaching assistants to help in lessons and some students have received 1:1 tuition.Remember to revisit your learning regularly so that you can address any gaps in your learning.
I want to know more about the student leadership team in the school and their roles.A new Student Leadership team has been appointed and their roles allocated, they will be conducting assemblies about how students can get involved and their work through the Student Leadership Framework, and hoe to get involved in the student council. We have introduced members of the team to different year groups so that you are aware which members are linked to your year.
We have bought a number of student leadership noticeboards that will be located outside A block so that the team can let you know what they are doing, the impact it has had and how you can get involved.
They are out on duty with staff members so students can see who they are and talk to them.
Get involved in leadership opportunities and join the student council to make a difference.
• Regularly look at the Student Leadership notice boards outside A block to keep up to date on the great work the Student Leadership team are doing and how you can get involved.
• Listen out in mentor messages for upcoming opportunities provided by the student Leadership Team.
Where can I find out more about extra-curricular opportunities that are available at Finham Park School?We offer a range of clubs and opportunities outside of lessons and promote this. We have collated all the opportunities together in one place. This will be posted on the school website and updated termly. We have also asked staff to tell you about these opportunities and display them with details in department areas. We are also asking our fantastic Well Being Officers to encourage some of you to attend the ones of most interest to you. Take part in these opportunities and let us know if there are any clubs or activities that we don’t offer that students would like to take part in. Regularly ask your teachers about opportunities that are coming up. Regularly look at noticeboards within departments so you can get the information you need on opportunities, days, times, locations, etc. Take part, try something new, have fun.
We don’t like any litter around the site at break and lunch.We have asked the site team to empty bins between lunches if they are full so that they do not overflow and litter is blown out of them on a windy day especially. We will also use mentor time messages to inform/educate students of the need to keep the site litter free. Not drop litter around the site – use the bins provided
Pick up litter you see and place it in the nearest bin
Tell reception the location of any bin that is full
Tell others if they drop litter that it is unacceptable.
We want a safe and comfortable space to go to the toilet that is irrespective of our gender type.We will be maintaining gender specific toilets for students who prefer to use these so that we are fully inclusive for all students and their needs. These are located in A, D, E, H, J, K, L and T blocks.
To cater for an increasing number of our students who do not identify as binary gender types all toilets that are all gender will have floor to ceiling doors and have sanitary provision in each cubicle. The wash basin areas will be communal in these bathrooms. They will also be labelled for specific year groups (ie Yr 7-8 or Yr 9-11). Of our twelve teaching blocks these will be located in blocks B (for Years 9-11) and C (for Year 7-8) and the Sixth Form (T) blocks. Some blocks will have both ‘all gender’ toilet and gendered toilet facilities. Through education, listening to student voice and reviewing our provision and we hope all students will feel comfortable and safe using these facilities so that no student feels they stand out using a particular toilet facility at Finham Park School.
The main access to the communal areas in these toilets are open to allow supervision into the vicinity with CCTV (covering the entrance and communal washbasin areas only) where possible.
To follow the schools expectations re: behaviour in and around the site including toilet areas.
To report any activity that you observe that is making someone feel unsafe or uncomfortable to a teacher or associate member of staff.
Are there easier ways we can report any uncomfortable social time behaviours?On the back of each cubicle door we have/will display a poster informing students of how/who they can contact to report such an incident anonymously.
Through College Assemblies/mentor messages (to action) we reminded all students how they can report it/who they can speak to.
Students have engaged in a learning mentor presentation complied and delivered by our Sixth Form Leadership team which touched on aspects linked to this and expectations of student behaviour at FPS.
To follow the schools expectations re: behaviour in and around the site.
To report any activity that you observe that is making someone feel unsafe or uncomfortable to a learning mentor, teacher or associate member of staff or to use the anonymous text number on.
Could we have more areas under cover for when it rains?The school has invested heavily in providing an additional 5 canopies for students to shelter under when it rains and canteens are now open for students to eat inside when the weather is bad. Be considerate of all students sheltering under these areas at social times.
Use these areas for sitting down and eating your lunch/talking not playing games (the Tennis Courts and fields are to be used in this instance).
Be mindful not to drop litter and use the bins provided in these areas.
Could we look at the lunch queuing so that students feel comfortable waiting in line with other students.In M block canteen (where the concern was raised) we have reverted back to the year group queuing we had during lockdown to address this concern and it seems so far to be working well.Queue sensibly and be considerate of others. Follow the requests of teachers who supervise the queue.
Be respectful and wait your turn.
Let staff on duty know immediately if someone pushes in or you feel uncomfortable.