We’re now into our fourth year as a staff book group and welcome any new or old members of staff who wish to join us….it’s a great way to read titles you might not otherwise consider or to suggest that title you’ve always intended to read but never quite got round to. Here’s a list of the titles we’ve read each academic year….. an eclectic mix of quirky Scandi, historical, short stories and travel writing.

We meet the first Wednesday after every holiday, straight after school in the Community Lounge D Block, so you generally have about six weeks to read the nominated book.

The next one coming up is:

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
A big book in every way, powerful, intensely moving and awe inspiring. It traces the lives of blind Marie and orphan Werner through World War II. Werner is a whizz with fixing things and is pushed into Hitler’s Youth and on into the heart of the fighting until he lands up in St Malo on the Brittany coast where he meets Marie. Marie has fled there from Paris as the Germans advanced. The novel takes us through to the present. It is an epic story of the horror of war, the suffering and endurance illuminated with many acts of kindness. Beautifully written, it is a memorable, haunting tale. Doerr is an author to note being chosen by Granta as one of 21 Best Young American Novelists of the moment. ~ Sarah Broadhurst

Next meeting: Wednesday 02 November 2016, 3.10pm D Block Community Lounge

Thanks to www.lovereading.co.uk for images and blurbs.