Curriculum Intent for Social Sciences

The range of Social Sciences subjects (PSHE, Law, Sociology, Psychology, Politics) all have similar learning intentions; for students to understand more about human beings and how we make sense of the world around us; how and when we have personal responsibility for our choices and behaviours; how to live our best lives as individuals and as members of society, and to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons why as citizens we live in the ways we do and have the expectations we do. At its core, all Social Science is about people – how we function as individuals, and how we interact with others – so students develop an enquiring mind as to how they, and the rest of us do this – and how to do it better.

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Learning Journey Politics

What topics do we study in Politics?

The AQA Politics syllabus is split into four main topic areas. Firstly, students will focus on the UK – how our government works, and how our political system works – for example, the role of Prime Ministers, cabinets, elections, devolution, political parties – and the historical development of them. Also studied is the USA political system and government – part of which is studying the similarities and differences between the two nations, for example the comparative powers that a Prime Minister and President have. The third topic area is an in depth exploration of political theories – Conservatism, Socialism, Liberalism and Nationalism.

Why study Politics?
Politics is obviously of interest for those students who may wish to study it (or PPE) at University, and who may wish a future career (paid or voluntary) within the political sector. In addition, the subject works well with other Social Sciences such as Sociology and Law, Humanities subjects, and Business. You will develop useful skills including communication (discussion, debate, presentation etc), analysis, evaluation and research, and of course Politics gives you an overall understanding of how our whole country works – useful for a wide range of subject, degrees, and future careers.

What are the requirements?
Good grades in English Language and Literature and / or Humanities subjects are helpful, but the most important attributes are a sense of commitment and a willingness to work hard at a subject that can sometimes be difficult at first. Politics is a complex area and a great deal of specialist subject knowledge has to learnt, used and understood. Maybe the biggest requirement is to take an active interest in current affairs – most days, politics and politicians ARE the news, and students must keep up to date with, and have opinions on, the political issues of the day.


Course outline:
Year 12
In 2021/22, Year 12s will study:
– Government of the UK

– Politics of the UK

– USA Government and Politics

Year 13
In 2022/23, Year 13s will study:
– USA Government and Politics (Comparative)
– Political Theories

Please see Mr Ratcliffe or Mrs Weaver if you require any further information about this course.