Social Sciences (PSHE)

Personal, Social Health Education (incorporating Citizenship) plays an important part in students' experiences at Finham Park. The aim is for students to not only learn about issues which affect both themselves and the wider world, but to become informed, confident, skilled, active, healthy and socially aware young people.

The subject is taught in discreet lessons in all year groups. From 2019, Year 7 and 8 students will have one lesson per week, and Yr9, Yr10 and 11 will have one lesson per fortnight. In addition, many strands of Citizenship education and PSHE are delivered within other subjects such as Drama, History and RE, and also as part of the students' wider experience of school life. The student leader programme, participation in College events, charity fundraising, and representing the school in fixtures and external events also are all part of the PSHE experience.

So what kind of topics are taught?
Topics which appear as a recurring theme include:
- Managing risk; attitudes and behaviours, Sex and Relationships Education, Drugs Awareness
- positive attitudes; image, anti-prejudice and anti-bullying, rights and responsibilities
- Work readiness; ambition, choices and Career planning
- The wider world; the global village, poverty, immigration, politics
- Money, and economic awareness
- Social Issues; crime and punishment, the influence of the Media, animal rights

Lessons are encouraged to be as inventive and active as possible, making use of current affairs, film and video, and visiting speakers.

What about Careers?
Students are encouraged from an early date to think about how their attitudes, options choices, skills and interests will affect their future pathways. This culminates in Year 10 when students complete their Work Experience placements, in and around the city. All students are assisted in receiving the right information for future destinations by their mentors, and by our careers advisor, Jo Hooke. Yr10 and above students will all have formal meetings with Mrs Hooke, discussing the future options (Sixth Form, College, Apprenticeships, University) which are available, and individual action plans are made.

PSHE is a subject which schools tailor to the individual needs of their students. As such, schools are given guidelines reading what to teach – but our curriculum is designed and constantly redesigned to be the best possible for Finham’s students. This does mean that there are no levels / grades by which students are assessed – but students’ work and progress is measured as in any other subject, and the standards of work expected are high.

We focus on 3 key areas to track attainment and progress:

  • The quality of written communication, especially in justifying ideas and opinions
  • The creativity of ideas and thinking
  • The ability to successfully get involved, debate and contribute

Key Stage 4 Qualifications
There are no longer any formal qualifications within PSHE.

Key Stage 5
As PSHE and Citizenship are part of the wider Social Sciences Faculty, all students experience the range of topics and ways of thinking which can then be used in the Sixth Form. Psychology, Sociology, Politics and Law are natural extensions to many of the themes students learn about in KS3 and 4 and all these subjects are offered A Level. In addition, all students in KS5 have academic mentoring and assembly sessions which maintain their involvement with PSHE and Citizenship issues. These have involved visits from the Fire Service, local MPs, Health Professionals and work on Career planning and the responsibilities and challenges of adult life.

Faculty Leader

Mr D. Ratcliffe