Personalised Learning Centre (PLC)

Finham Park's Personalised Learning Centre (PLC) responds to educational, social and emotional needs of students.

The PLC helps young people who struggle to cope and need extra support in the short term, due to difficulties with learning, poor behaviour, in need of social skills, returning to school from a long period of absence, or a family trauma.

We teach mixed age groups and all abilities. Some lessons are dedicated to personal, social and health education, behaviour management, anger management and reflection. Equipping students with the skills to succeed both in school and in life is core to our purpose and this is delivered through as broad and balanced a curriculum as possible. We aim to return students to mainstream lessons as soon as it is appropriate.

A number of associate staff are based in the PLC including 7 Personal Education Coordinators (PEC'S) who support children both in and out of class, 3 HLTA's who have responsibility for Special Educational Needs (SEN), English as an additional language (EAL) and Literacy Intervention, a Learning Mentor who supports youngsters with social, emotional difficulties and a Counsellor. Staff from many outside agencies also support our students including representatives from Social Care, Young Carers, Communication Interaction (inc Autism) Support Service (CIASS), Sensory Support Team, Educational Psychology and so on.

For further information about how students with SEND and emotional issues are supported please follow this link: SEN information for parents


If you can't find the answer you are looking for contact:

Inclusion Manager/SENCO - Mrs Johanna Kovacs
Tel: 02476 418135 Ext 1211

HLTA SEN - Mrs Sarah Jones
Tel: 02476 418135 Ext 1218

HLTA EAL - Mrs Barbara Chadwick
Tel: 02476 418135 Ext 1450

Learning Mentor - Mrs Bev Chapman
Tel: 02476 418135 Ext 1211

Inclusion Co-ordinator - Mrs Carole Linstead
Tel 02476 418135 Ext 1299