Personalised Learning Centre (PLC)

The provision and support delivered by The Personalised Learning Centre (PLC) is wide, varied and encompasses the learning, communication, physical, social, emotional and mental health needs of all of our students. It ensures that the tools are accessible for teachers to respond to the individuality of our students and enables them to personalise provision. Our students are empowered by this support, which helps them overcome any barriers they may be facing. PLC Staff do their best to ensure that students with SEND are happy, healthy and receive the personalised support they need to enable them to become independent learners, who are fully included in school life. We aim to close the gap in progress between students with SEND and other students in the school.

A number of associate staff are based in the PLC including seven Teaching Assistants (TA’s) and five High Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA’s) who support children both in and out of the classroom, three HLTA’s who have responsibility for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (HLTA SEND), English as an additional language (EAL) and Literacy Intervention (HLTA Intervention), a Learning Mentor who supports young people with social, emotional and mental health needs and a full time Counsellor. Staff from a range of outside agencies also support our students including representatives from Early Help, Social Care, Young Carers, Complex Communication Team (CCT), Sensory Service and Educational Psychology.

For further information about how students with SEND and emotional issues are supported please contact the PLC (

SEND policy can be found here
FAQ about how we support your child at Finham Park School, including answers to the following:
  1. How does the school know if a student has SEND?
  2. What kinds of SEND do you make provision for at Finham Park?
  3. How does the school know if a student has SEND?
  4. How will I know that my child is making good progress?
  5. How do your teachers help students with learning difficulties or disabilities, to learn? How can I find out more about what my child is learning at the moment?
  6. How have you made Finham Park’s buildings and site safe and welcoming for students with SEND or disabilities?
  7. What social, before and after school and other activities are available for students with SEND?
  8. How does Finham Park support students’ emotional and social development?
  9. How are the adults in Finham Park helped to work with students with an SEND and what training do they have?
  10. Who will you help me to support my child at home?
  11. How is my child involved in their own learning and decisions made about his /her education?
  12. How will you help my child make a successful move into the next year group or other move or transition?
Detail about how our Personalised Learning Centre and its team operates along with what to expect as your child moves through the year groups.


If you can’t find the answer you are looking for contact:

Inclusion Manager/SENDCO – Mrs Johanna Kovacs
Tel: 02476 418135 Ext 1211

HLTA SEN – Mrs Sarah Jones
Tel: 02476 418135 Ext 1218

HLTA EAL – Mrs Barbara Chadwick
Tel: 02476 418135 Ext 1450

Learning Mentor – Mrs Bev Chapman
Tel: 02476 418135 Ext 1211

Deputy DSL/Inclusion Co-ordinator – Mrs Carole Linstead
Tel 02476 418135 Ext 1299