Student Leadership

Aim of the Sports Leadership in PE

  • To provide a starting point for students in years 7-10 to develop their sport leadership skills and hopefully inspire to be the next generation of sports leaders in the local community.
  • To inspire greater capacity of feedback & guidance given to enrichment sports at Finham.
  • To provide fun and structured support for young people to participate in and give them an insight into the enjoyment gained through sports leadership.
  • To develop generic skills which can be applied to a variety of sporting activities (KS3).
  • To provide specific coaching skills which can be applied to specific sporting activities(s) (KS4).

KS3 Leadership Model

  1. In the first couple of weeks of the academic year all students create and have opportunities to lead their own warm-ups through the ‘IDEAS’ principle.
  2. At the start of October students in every PE group can apply to be a sports leader through application to their teacher. Each group to have TWO leaders.
  3. These students will work specifically with their PE teacher to develop their leadership skills.
  4. They will come together once a half term to share ideas with the teacher in-charge of sports leadership.
  5. This will create a maximum of 24 Sports leaders in Key stage 3.


Specific roles

  • Lead the group in warm-ups (specific and general to the activity).
  • Set up and organise equipment when needed.
  • Coach and umpire where needed.
  • Help in the delivery of inter-college i.e. captains etc.


KS4 Leadership Model

  • All students in year 10 will follow the creative curriculum (CC) model which encompasses the Level one Junior Sports Leadership Award (JSLA).
  • At the start of the year students will apply by application to be considered to be entered for the JSLA. This will be signed by their parents. If students drop out they will be charged for the course.
  • Students who choose will lead a minimum of 5 after school enrichment sessions in their chosen sport. This will increase the capacity of coaches at enrichment clubs. Where there is particular demand there may have to be rotation over a season. It is hoped certain students will stay with a team for the whole season.
  • Some sports will be specific to a certain season i.e. summer, thus there needs to be a structured timetable put in place when students will lead. All leadership must be completed by mid-May to allow all ‘polishing of all JSLA work.

Specific roles

  • To lead / coach 5 hours of enrichment after school
  • To umpire/ coach where needed.