What Extra-Curricular activities will you pick?

To complement our ambitious curriculum Finham Park School offers an extensive range and depth of Extra Curricular Activities not only to allow students the opportunity to take their learning and enjoyment further within a particular subject and but also to discover new opportunities that they may not have had before. Through after school clubs, educational visits and residential visits we aim to provide a vast array of opportunities that help to develop a student’s cultural capital so that each and every one of them is knowledgeable about a wide range of culture, is comfortable discussing its value and merits, and has been given a vast array of experiences and access to help them develop their own personal skill set.

DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Art ClubTuesday3:15pm - 5pmAll yearsK1430
New York ResidentialFeb 2023 - 5 Nights
-9, 1045
Turner Prize - Herbert Art Gallery TripAsk your Art teacher-9 - 1345
Architecture WorkshopAsk your Art teacher-11, 13All
Coultauld Institute - London Trip inc National GallerySpring 2023-12, 1320
Coultauld Institute artist workshops - LondonSpring/ Sum 2023-9, 10, 1135
Echo Eternal visual & Performing art workshopsSpring 2023-8,9,10,12All
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Business A Level Support
Thursday3:15pm - 4pm13H27All
*weekly* Business GCSE Support
Tuesday3:15pm - 4pm11H27All
*weekly* Economics A Level support
Thursday3:15pm - 4pm13H27All
Enterprise - Uniform sale
Ask your Business Studies teacher-9 - 11All
Parliament visit
Ask your Economics teacher-11, 12, 1330
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Drama Club
Ask your Drama teacher3:15pm - 4:15pmAllTheatre30
Annie Production (December)Tue, Wed3:15pm - 5:15pmAllTheatre40
Highly Sprung Physical Fellowship
June - July-830
GCSE/A Level Drama Revision & Performance supportOct - Jan3:15pm - 5pm11, 13All
Highly Sprung Play in a DayDec-830
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Creative Writing ClubTuesday3:15pm - 4pmAllA3730
*weekly* Library ClubTuesday3:15pm - 4pmY7-8Library30
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Physical and Human Geography Investigations
Tuesday week 13:15pm - 4pmAllAll
*weekly* Exam practiceThursday3:15pm - 4pm1320
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* GCSE Revision
Thursday from Jan3:15pm - 4pm11All
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* GCSE Drop In SessionsMon, Tue, Thu3:15pm - 4pm11Maths roomsAll
*weekly* A Level Drop In Sessions
Friday3:15pm - 4pm12, 13H15All
*weekly* Chess Club
Ask your teacher12:25pm - 1pm7, 820
DayTimeYear# students
Trip to Paris/Almeria
June 2023930
Trip to GermanyJuly 20238, 9, 1030
St Etienne exchangeMarch 202312, 13All
Trip to SpainJune 20239, 10All
Mandarin immersion days5 days throughout the year7MEP students
Mandarin Trip to China
14 days in July8MEP students
Mandarin Nottingham University
4 day residential in June9MEP students
Penfriend exchanges
Ongoing7, 8All
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Radio FPSEvery dayBreak, before schoolAllA3530
Visits to film studios eg Harry Potter
Ask your Media teacher-All30
Visits to BBC Radio Coventry and WarwickshireAsk your Media teacher-All30
Visit to Pinewood StudiosAsk your Media teacher-All30
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* FinharmonicThursday3:15pm - 4:15pmAll orchestralE11All
*weekly* Choir of FinhamFriday3:15pm - 4:15pmAllE11All
*weekly* Composer's clubMonday3:15pm - 4:15pm Sep-Oct9+E11All
*weekly* Y9-13 choirMon3:15pm - 4:15pm9-13E12All
*weekly* Music theory ClubAsk your teacherNov-DecAllE11All
Christmas concertNov - Dec3:15pm - 4pmAllE11All
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Football girls
Monday3:15pm - 4:10pmAllFields
*weekly* Football boysMonday3:15pm - 4:10pm7, 8Fields
*weekly* Badminton ClubTuesday3:15pm - 4:15pm7, 8Sports Hall30
*weekly* NetballThursday3:15pm - 4:15pmAllCourts30
*weekly* RugbyTuesday3:15pm - 4:15pm7, 8Fields30
*weekly* BasketballThursday3:15pm - 4:15pm7, 8Sports Hall30
*weekly* Table TennisThursday3:15pm - 4:15pmAllE Block Canteen30
*weekly* TrampoliningMonday3:15pm - 6pmAllGym30
*weekly* Fitness ClubFriday3:15pm - 4:10pm7Gym16
*weekly* Fencing ClubWednesday3:15pm - 4:45pm7Sports Hall16
*weekly* GCSE PE revisionFriday3:15pm - 4pm11E Block CanteenBy invitation
Ski TripFeb half termAll80
Velodrome Trip14th December 2022All day1030
Netball tourAsk your teacher
Water Sports TripAsk your teacher
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Debating Society
Wednesday3:15pm - 4:15pm11-13C2530
*weekly* Amnesty
Ask your teacher3:20pm - 4pm12, 13C2430
*weekly* Mehndi creative and cultural club
Tuesday3:15pm - 4pm7C2516
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Medical SocietyThursday3:15pm - 4:15pm10 - 13L1230
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Robotics Club
Wednesday3:15pm - 4pm7 - 910
*weekly* STEM ClubThursday3:15pm - 4pm7-11L2115
*weekly* A Level Catch upAsk your teacher3:20pm- 4pm13K13, K1520
*weekly* GCSE Catch upAsk your teacher3:20pm - 4pm11K13, K1540
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Reading, Spelling, Writing club
Mon - Fri8:30 - 8:45am7, 8PLCSEND only
*weekly* Boardgame club
Thursday3:15pm - 4pm7, 8PLCAny 15
*weekly* Homework club
Mon, Tue3:15pm - 4pmAllPLC25 SEND only
DayTimeYearLocation# students
*weekly* Mindfulness club
Tuesday3:15pm - 4pm7, 810 (SEMH students)
*weekly* Post-16 Football
Ask your mentor12, 13FieldsAll
*weekly* Sixth Form play
Thursday3:15pm - 5pm12, 13T BlockAll
*weekly* Young Enterprise
Ask your mentor3:15pm - 4:15pm12T blockAll
*weekly* Student Council
Ask your mentorAsk your mentorAllT blockAll
*weekly* Cultural Capital visiting speakers
Monday3:15pm - 4pm12, 13Study CentreAll