Friends of Finham aims to bring the parents, teachers, staff and wider community together. We do this through fundraising events which help enrich the students' educational experiences.

Since forming 5 years ago, Friends of Finham have donated over £10,000. This has provided things like; equipment, sports kit and experience days. Things that otherwise would not be funded through the schools normal budget.

Friends of Finham have also become established in the schools wider community and as a result we now have five very generous sponsors:

  • Vagdia Holmes
  • Elizabeth Davenport
  • Nyanza Autoparts
  • Andy Blair Uniform
  • Abacus Tuition

We meet approximately twice a term at the Burnt Post on a Monday evening and everyone is welcome to come along and share ideas.

Our contact details are:

Email: friendsoffinhanm@yahoo.co.uk

Facebook: Friends of Finham

Twitter: @friendsoffinham


Our current committee members are

  • Chair: Laurah Hutchinson Strain
  • Secretary: Jenny Mclean
  • Treasurer: Jo Price