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The Finham Film Festival started in 2016.

It was a response to the growing quality of work being produced by Film and Media students within the department, and a desire to show that work to industry professionals.

Until then, students had been gaining good coursework grades, and winning local competitions, such as the Coventry Digital Creativity Awards. Once our students entered national competitions with their work, their ambitions grew, and since 2016 Finham Park students have been nominated as finalists 15 times for national awards.

In 2018, we won our first national award, which was quickly followed by two more. To date, our students have won 8 national awards, including 4 in 2022 alone.

The Finham Film Festival is our opportunity as a department to showcase the best work of all our students, and show the creative industries what we have to offer. Every year, we invite special guests from the film and media industries to watch the films and judge them. Our guest judges include editors, concept artists, production designers and directors who have worked on films such as Rocketman, Avengers, Star Wars, Nativity, Scott Pilgrim vs The World and the Harry Potter series.

If we can impress them, we can impress anyone in the industry.

Get your tickets for this year’s CovCreative Film Festival here:

Fostering Film Culture at Finham Park

Head of Performing Arts, Mike Gunn, from Finham Park Secondary School in Coventry explains his approach to using film and filmmaking to support the curriculum.

The Films

Best GCSE Film Intro Sequence

Best Yr12 Short Film

Best Yr13 Short Film

Best Year 9/10 Film Intro Sequence

Best Yr12 Ext Short Film

Compilation of 2022 winners in each category