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Dear Parent/Carer,

We are writing to you to ask for your support in ensuring your child arrives to school on time, at 8.45am, so that they are ready to start mentor time at 8.50am. Not only is a register taken during mentor time but also a number of relevant topics and issues discussed around student well-being, careers, study habits etc that if students arrive late for, they will not benefit from. In addition, we are often asked to comment about a student on aspects such as attendance and punctuality and we do include mentor time when providing that information.

Recently we held an assembly where it was explained to students what being late is. Our definition is “not moving straight away from one lesson/mentor period or the end of break/lunch to lessons”. We explained that their teacher will start the mentor session/lesson as soon after the bell as possible and if you arrive after this you are late”. You will have been deemed to be purposefully and unreasonably late at this point.

We have asked all staff to record purposeful and unreasonable lates from the time the lesson starts. This information is being captured and mentors, Well-Being Officers and College Leaders have been asked to contact home weekly where a threshold has been reached and the number of times and/or the amount of time late is becoming a pattern both to and in school. Moving forwards this information will also be provided on your child’s progress report.

We ask for your support in speaking to your child about the importance of being on time to school and lessons, as this will not only maximise learning time in class but also safeguard all students so that at the start of each lesson we know each child is accounted for in school.


Many kind regards,

Mr R Morey

Deputy Headteacher