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The pastoral support for the school is underpinned by a team of Student Wellbeing Officers attached to each year group. Their role is to enable ALL students have the 'time of their life' whilst at school. They do this be encouraging students to engage in extra-curricular activities that support positive mental health and enables them to stretch themselves into new areas. They are non-teaching members of staff so are always available for students during the day.

A key part of their role is to make sure that 'no student gets left behind', not matter what background or ability. They actively encourage students to engage in the wider opportunities that the school has to offer them such as taking part in sports teams, playing a musical instrument or taking part in a drama production.

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Upon entry to Finham Park School every student is allocated to one of five Colleges. Each College comprises of students from all year groups across the school and the student will remain in the same College and mentor group for the duration of their school journey.

The College System is used as the basis for competitions, challenges, sporting events, assemblies, and are supported by a College Team of Mentors, a Wellbeing Officer and a College Leader. These communities break down barriers between students of different ages and creates a sense of togetherness, identity and belonging. It encourages older students to get to know, support and mentor younger ones. At the same time, younger students have role models to develop in maturity.