Departments: Social Sciences (Sociology)

What is Sociology?
Sociology is the systematic study of society. It is about all types of social relationships people share with each other; in their families, communities, schools and work. The methods developed by sociologists are used in many other disciplines such as market research and management studies.

What topics do we study?
Many aspects of the human experience. The A-level course concentrates on family, education, religion and crime.
Social theory is important in sociology, as is the ability to evaluate evidence and choose between possible explanations.
Students also learn about the methods used by sociologists and have opportunities to apply this knowledge.

Why study sociology?
Sociology is a good general subject for students because many professional careers including medicine, education and business require some knowledge of society and social theory. Sociology works well alongside a range of other A-level subjects, including psychology, history and religious studies. You will develop useful skills including communication (discussion, debate, presentation etc), analysis, evaluation and research.

What are the requirements?
Good grades in English language and literature are helpful, but the most important attributes are a sense of commitment and a willingness to work hard at a subject that can sometimes be difficult to grasp at first. You need to be highly organised to cope with the volume of material required for the exam. You cannot be a good sociology student unless you are aware of what is happening in society: you need to read widely and take an active interest in current affairs.

Course outline:

AS Sociology
There are two topics at AS level, which are assessed by exam in the summer term:

  • Family and Households
  • Education with research methods

A2 Sociology
At A2 a higher level of skill is required, including the ability to relate the different topics to one another (synopticity), there are two topics and both are examined in the summer term:

  • Beliefs in Society
  • Crime & Deviance with research methods

Please see Miss Pattison if you require any further information about this course.