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The Science team at Finham Park are committed to delivering a high quality lively interesting and above all scientifically rich curriculum. Unlike most schools in Coventry, and indeed in England, Finham has a full range of qualified Biology, Chemistry and Physics specialist teachers. With this specialist knowledge and experience we offer the greatest range of curriculum pathways of any department at Finham. From our new "Big Ideas" KS3 curriculum students can follow 4 routes through KS4. With a variety of assessment structures for level 2 qualifications (KS4) we can offer a progression route to suit just about any learner through KS4. With guidance and support on courses and progression this years level 2 results (KS4) for science gave over 90% of students at least 2 A*-C or equivalent - and we still follow our policy of entering every student on role in KS4.

However, we also realise that learning takes place beyond the classroom. We have a series of link ups with Warwick and Coventry University at both pre and post 16. The Ogden Trust, a charitable organisation supporting the development and teaching of Physics, has strong ties with Finham Science and we have worked closely with undergraduates from Oxford and Bristol. The department regularly runs trips and activity days including our ever-popular Rocket Launch competition. Events such as Sub Zero Physics help cater for our Gifted and Talented students.

The science department is a great place to learn where nothing is impossible.

If someone says: "That's impossible" you should understand it as: "According to my very limited experience and narrow understanding of reality, that's very unlikely."

Year 11 Assessment point 1 W/C 26th September

There will be an assessment for Year 11 students' week commencing the 26th September. The following topics will be in the assessment for double and triple science students:

Double Science:

Subject Additional Science Core Science
Biology B2.1 Cells, tissues and organs
B2.2 Organisms in the environment
B1.1 Keeping healthy
Chemistry C2.4 Rates of reaction
C2.5 Salts
C1.2 Rocks and building materials
Physics P2.2 Forces
P2.5 Mains Electricity
P1.1 Energy transfer by heating

Triple Science:

Subject Additional Science Yr. 11 topics Core Science Yr. 10 topics
Biology B2.1 Cells, tissues and organs
B2.2 Organisms in the environment
B1.1 Keeping healthy
B1.2 Coordination and control
Chemistry C2.5 Salts
C2.1 Structure and bonding
C1.2 Rocks and building materials
C1.3 Metals and their uses
Physics P2.2 Forces
P2.5 Mains Electricity
P1.1 Energy transfer by heating
P1.2 Using energy
P1.3 Electrical energy

Students should use their revision guides and class notes for revision. A range of resources can also be found on the Science site on Frog. Revision guides are still on sale in finance and can be purchased using ParentPay.


Click here for curriculum details of the Additional Science course.

Click here for curriculum details of the Triple Science course.

Course details for A-level Physics, Biology and Chemistry can be found in the Sixth Form website.


Science essay competition for all AS science students
Online Science Resource - Kerboodle: Read this letter for logon information
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