Warwick University

The newly founded Centre for Professional Education (CPE) has been established with a specific remit to promote and deliver high-quality Initial Teacher Training, in collaboration with our partner schools and alliances. The past three months have seen significant organisational change to reflect the evolving demands of the teacher education sector. We continue to innovate and build on the excellent work of the Warwick Institute of Education, which has a long history of providing excellent initial teacher education.

Across all of our initial teacher education courses, we look to guide and develop the practice of trainee teachers from a diverse range of backgrounds, with varying levels of experience of classroom practice, from those who have worked in support roles in schools, to those who have recently graduated; we welcome applications from across the spectrum.

As an innovative, aspirational and confident leading provider of ITT, we look to develop an even stronger, more diverse and broader experience range of partner schools and colleges. For the 2014-15 academic year, we welcome and celebrate new agreements for collaborative provision with three new groups of schools, taking our total coverage of provision to over sixty schools, in eighteen alliances, across ten local authorities. We are certain that this developing network of fellow schools, colleges and alliances, will be an outstanding source of support and guidance, in developing outstanding initial teacher education, still further.

Our outcomes for trainees' are outstanding. Last year at Warwick was very successful, with 90.8% targeted to complete the course, compared with 87.8% across the region. Over the last four years, completion rates have been higher than the sector, overall; 2013/14 looks to build on this success.

Another key strength of CPE lies in the quality of our teaching practice. Trainees' feedback shows that the majority of Warwick trainees feel very confident in their behaviour management, subject knowledge and pedagogical awareness. Mentors and Tutors demonstrate consistently high expectations, as demonstrated by the consistently high rate of completion over time. Trainees reflect these high expectations in their own practice (90% achieved Grades 1 or 2 against Teacher Standard One). Subject Knowledge, Planning and fulfilling Wider Professional Responsibilities are all strengths, in general (90%+ achieved grades 1 or 2). The accuracy of our assessment is widely noted in External Examiners' reports as a key strength, particularly in relation to the Masters level assessments.

Trainees highlight a range of key features of the course as being "practical", "enlightening", "interactive", "informative", "focused", "valuable" and "applicable". For example, "I found the micro-teaching exercise very useful as it gave me confidence and ideas from watching others deliver their lessons. I also found it useful to my subject knowledge development" (Trainee B, PGCE Drama with English).

The direction and development of the course is led by the Student and Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC), who work constantly to improve all aspects of the course, under the chairmanship and secretariat of trainees. Throughout the year, this provides trainees with the opportunity to have their views, concerns and suggestions voiced, in a positive, supportive forum, so that the course can continue to be innovative and go from strength to strength. The leadership and management of the training partnerships with schools are outstanding, outcomes are consistently high over time and reflect a model of continuous, measured and sustainable approach to innovation, meaning that the course is always relevant and striving to improve still further. The Quality Assurance of Tutor and Mentor judgements, complemented by very high levels of support for trainees, is rigorous and robust, with a number of opportunities throughout the year for standardising our judgement of high standards of quality and accuracy of assessment. Schools are key partners at all levels of delivery, leadership and management, particularly at a strategic level with regard to the development of the course. Our selection procedures are rigorous, robust and above all, fair, with trainees joining the course from a range of backgrounds with differing levels of experience, and demonstrating a high standard over time.

We do hope that you will be able to join us in taking the first steps on your teacher training journey.