Finham Park School

We are a mixed comprehensive school with 1500 students on roll situated on the south western edge of the city of Coventry. In our last OFSTED inspection in 2010, and more recently in 2014, we were graded as Outstanding, with the quality of teaching and learning graded as 'Outstanding'. We became an Academy in 2013 and have a large sixth form. The school was designated as a Mathematics and Computing Specialist College in 2004 as well as being a Training School from 2004- 2015.

The school has a history of co-operation with other schools culminating in the development of the Finham Park Multi Academy Trust(MAT)comprising 3 seconday schools and 1 primary with other schools to join in the coming years.

Ethos and Vision

At Finham Park, we strive to inspire through the delivery of a "World Class" education - success for all our learners. This school is a beacon of excellence for our community where everyone feels safe, valued, included and proud. We nurture every learner's natural curiosity - providing them with life enriching opportunities to develop socially, academically and morally. We value honesty, teamwork and leadership, enjoyment, excitement and challenge will be key features of life here. Learners develop confidence, resilience, respect for others and a life-long love of learning, making them valued members of the Coventry community and contributors to both national and international stages.


We have worked closely with the University of Warwick for many years and have trained mentors in all subject areas. Our Training School provides professional support for our trainees and gives them access to a full Continuing Professional Development programme that is personalised to their needs. What you can expect training with us at Finham Park School:

  • A supportive training environment in departments with specialist staff
  • Classroom experience that develops your skills
  • Weekly mentor meetings
  • Weekly professional training
  • Opportunities to take part in wider school activities and events

Subjects offered at Finham Park:


We are an art department in an outstanding school, and now a world class status school. Our outstanding team of 4 art teachers offer specialist skills through 3 endorsements in a high challenge class room in the following subject areas - Photography, Graphics, and fine art. All are delivered in refined pathways at GCSE and A level. We achieve GCSE results that are 18 - 20%+ above our school average for the last 5 years, and we are very proud that our post 16 results are consistently 20%+ better than the school average for A-B grade AS, and A2 Alps predicted scores and results. We have trained x1 GTP teacher trainee with Warwick University, x1 schools direct trainee, and x1 PGCE student with Nine Stiles over the last 5 years. All are good to outstanding practitioners and all have jobs in very good or outstanding departments through the west Midlands or Warwickshire. We are working with Warwick University as a Subject Hub of Excellence with their 4 art PGCE students offering and delivering in house training in the department.


We are a vibrant, passionate and dedicated team of English specialists who are not only excited about developing our own pedagogy but also supporting the blossoming careers of young trainees. As a department, we have a wonderful mixture of interests, specialisms and personalities and are used to welcoming many visitors, trainees and colleagues from other schools. We have several trained mentors within our English staff who have worked with NQTs, PGCEs and School Direct trainees. We therefore have a well-established relationship with Warwick University.


The Science team at Finham Park are committed to delivering a high quality lively interesting and above all scientifically rich curriculum. Unlike most state schools in Coventry, and indeed in England, Finham has a full range of qualified Biology, Chemistry and Physics specialist teachers. This means you can have experienced support that has real expertise in delivering your subject in schools. There are a number of experienced subject mentors in the department as well as range of staff including NQT and RQT. Our results are among the best, if not the best, in Coventry and it goes without saying that Finham Park is an outstanding place to be. We have worked successfully with a large number of trainee staff over the years from a variety of backgrounds. A number of "our" PGCE students are now heads of subject in their own right. The school offers a range of qualifications at KS4 and 5 including traditional A levels and Applied courses. Finham offers a full range of courses essential to provide you the experience of all types of qualification in your training. The balance between our expertise and your commitment will give you the best start to your teaching career.


ICT is a core subject at Finham Park, with all students in KS3 having one lesson a week and all KS4 students expected to study either GCSE Computing or GCSE ICT. In addition to this, we KS5 courses in both Computing and ICT and all trainees would be able to experience a wide breadth of ICT and Computing education. The ICT and Business Faculty have always welcomed the opportunity to work with colleagues entering the profession and have an excellent track record of success in this area. We have always viewed the opportunity to work with trainees as being something which is mutually beneficial to all involved and like to think that we provide a friendly, supportive and positive environment in which to work.


The MFL department at Finham Park is a successful, friendly department offering French, Spanish and Mandarin across the school. There are 7 members of staff who are all prepared to help and support trainees, and share good practice. The department offers Mandarin enrichment sessions (approximately 12 weeks) to all students in years 7 and 8. In year 9, which forms part of our 3 year KS4, students can opt for GCSE Mandarin. We also offer Pre-U Mandarin (a two year course) at Sixth Form. Mrs Yan, the teacher in charge of Mandarin, is a native speaker and will offer regular support. As a Confucius classroom we also benefit from the presence of 2 Hanban teachers who support our work in school and lead our outreach programme in local primary and secondary schools. They also offer cultural activities across the school and trainees would be welcome to assist with this. We also organise cultural visits to places such as Chinatown and the British Museum.


The Mathematics department is one of the biggest departments in the school and is highly regarded and successful. Last summer our year 11 students achieved a fantastic 89.2% A*- C grades at GCSE level and we are continuously trying to improve on this. We participate in events such as the UK Maths Challenge and are continuously looking for ways to enrich our students' curriculum. Our status as Specialist Mathematics and Computing College has enabled us to develop our own practice as well as helping other teachers in the local area. We are a vibrant department with a mixture of youth and experience and we are committed to nurturing and developing our talented teachers and trainees to become world class teachers.


We are a Business department in an outstanding school, and now a world class status school. Our outstanding team of 3 Business teachers within the ICT and Business faculty of 9 teachers offer specialist skills in Business and Economics. We offer GCSE and A level Business courses and A level Economics course. Over the years we have had GTP and PGCE students who have successfully progressed to fully qualified teacher status. We pride ourselves for being supportive, friendly, approachable and have realistic expectations. We have excellent ICT facilities and teaching resources. Our students have excellent attitude to learning and thrive on high level challenge lessons. We are committed to providing the best teaching experience for our students and developing our trainee teachers.


In PE we want to inspire young people to participate in and enjoy physical activity, and to recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle which continues into adulthood. We want to instil this through effective teaching and learning that is constantly looking to move forward, providing opportunities for pupils to assume responsibility for their learning, to engage inquisitive minds and provide learners with a high standard of learning that should be expected by them every lesson. At Finham Park we want to make Physical Education into its own unique brand that motivates and excites pupils of all ages and abilities. We are striving to be an ever developing department with a passion for allowing pupils to grow and learn, and to give them moments of inspiration and enjoyment that will remain with them beyond their time at Finham. We have an exciting curriculum in all Key stages and offer both GCSE & A-level PE. We offer an extensive range of enrichment activities and play 180+ fixtures a year in a variety of sport. We are successful at Town, Country, Regional and National level. The department has had experience at offering GTP's and PGCE placements over the last several years.