The Mathematics department at Finham Park School is highly regarded by staff, students and parents. As part of our Key Stage 4 offer, all of our students will be entered for either GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Statistics or GCSE Mathematics and Level 2 Further Mathematics. Last year our exam successes included 79% A*-C in GCSE Mathematics, 76% A*-C GCSE in Statistics and 85% A*-C in Level 2 Further Mathematics. At Key Stage 5, our students achieved 68% A*-B in A level Mathematics, 38% A*-B in AS level Mathematics and 100% A*-B in A level Further Mathematics! We are continually looking to improve upon these successes.

The Mathematics department offers access to events such as the UK Maths Challenge and UKMT Team Maths Challenges and we are continuously looking for ways to enrich our students' curriculum. In addition to their usual Mathematics and Science lessons, all of year 7 study 'Discovery', a cross-curricular subject incorporating aspects of the Mathematics and Science curricula in a practical way. In the past few years we have run several trips to places such as the Bank of England, the Royal Signals museum, Bletchley Park, Thinktank in Birmingham, Coventry Transport Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and several university talks and workshops for the sixth form. We also offer a range of options at A-level, including Further Mathematics (Edexcel internally and MEI in conjunction with the Further Mathematics Support Programme).

Within our curriculum time we aim to follow the national curriculum for Key Stage 3, building upon our student's knowledge from primary school. We have modified our year 9, 10 and 11 schemes of learning to enable our students to improve their mathematical problem solving skills and achieve well in their GCSE exams. Topics that students will cover include Number, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics. Students in Key Stage 5 will once again follow a program to build upon their Key Stage 4 knowledge and progress through Core Mathematics (Number, Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry) and move through dedicated Statistics and Mechanics modules.

We also offer A-Level Further Mathematics and from 2015 we will be running the new Level 3 Core Mathematics qualification.

Finham Park School has been awarded the status of Specialist Mathematics and Computing College by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. This has enabled us to develop our own practice as well as helping other teachers in the local area.

Department Staff

Subject Leader Ms Green
Mr Yap
Ms Parker
Mr Baker
Ms Heritage
Ms Smith
Ms Gore
Mr Cole
Ms Guyatt
Mr Fox
Mr Bateman
Mr Thomas