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The library is a well-resourced, vital and thriving part of life at Finham Park and is guaranteed to be very busy during the school day, and also before and after school.

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Our overriding aims are to:

All students can use the library during their free time. Breaks and lunchtimes will find them browsing and reading books, magazines or newspapers, playing chess, Scrabble and other word games, or trying to solve their current craze, the Bedlam Cube. Before and after school is the ideal time for students to start or complete homework and the library staff are always on hand to help with research.

The after-school library club is attended by Year 7 and 8 students. They have had opportunities to see authors talking about their work and attended several exciting events during the annual Literally...Coventry Book Festival in June.

Sixth form students use the library regularly during their free periods for work and research and we have extra laptops available for them to use in the library. There are 16 single study carrels available in a silent work area as well as numerous work tables in the body of the library.

The after-school library club is attended by Year 7 and 8 students. They have had opportunities to see authors talking about their work and have, recently, each been allocated a sum of money to spend on books for the library during a visit to a local bookshop. Not only have they indulged their love of books but also learned how to budget and calculate percentage discount!

Members of the library club and other students also take part in Coventry's Inspiration Book Awards, posting comments and voting for their favourite reads and, each year, the library shadows the Carnegie, during late Spring and early Summer Term.

We also take a team to the regional heat of the Kids Lit Quiz, which has an international following with competing teams as far away as China, and which has been described by a guest author as "a really good pub quiz without the beer"!.

If you're a parent looking for that elusive book to get your child reading or a student wishing to widen your reading horizons try a title from these tailored, recommended booklists (all books available from the school library) or use one of the 'useful websites' links below:

Year 7
Year 8 for boys
Year 8 for girls
Year 9
Years 10 & 11
Years 12 & 13

Year 7 Guide
Year 12 Guide

Other useful websites:

web link Books4Teens
web link Guardian: Teen Books
web link Reading Matters
web link Love Reading
web link Literature for Lads

Library Manager - Mr P. Bates
Senior Library Assistant - Ms C. Webb
Library Assistant - Ms G. Davis

Congratulations to a former student, now a successful author.
We have been excitingly awaiting news of Rebecca Hunt's follow-up to her excellent debut novel Mr Chartwell. We were thrilled to welcome Rebecca back to Finham Park a couple of years ago when she entertained our creative writing group with tales of school as she remembered it, as well as giving some sound advice to budding authors. She intimated then that her next book would have a very cold theme and so it has! Here's just one of many enthusiastic reviews from the national press for Everland.