Senior Leadership Team

Mr Bishop
Mr Bishop is responsible for the strategic leadership and direction of Finham Park School. He sets the tone and pace of its operation and is accountable for the school’s overall performance.
Ms Megeney
Deputy Headteacher
Ms Megeney is responsible for the smooth operation of the school, reporting directly to the Headteacher.
Ms Buckenham
Assistant Headteacher
Miss Buckenham is responsible for 'Sixth Form and Student Leadership'
Ms Ford
Assistant Headteacher
Ms Ford is responsible for 'Learning Development'
Mr Downie
Assistant Headteacher
Mr Downie is responsible for ''
Ms Green
Assistant Headteacher
Ms Green is responsible for 'Outcomes Development'
Ms Buggins
Assistant Headteacher
Ms Buggins is responsible for 'Teaching School Alliance' - starts in Jan 2019
Mr K Greenhalgh
Technical Services Lead
Mr Greenhalgh is responsible for ' Technical Development'
Mr Belham
Operations Manager
Mr Belham is responsible for 'Resource Development'