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Last Day of Term Arrangements

Last Day of Term Arrangements- Friday 19th July 2019

8.50 - 9.05 Mentor time
9.05 - 9.45 P1
9.45 – 10.25 P2
10.25- 10.45 Break (for students to have food and free school meals)

Staff normally on lunch duty please support break duty staff

10.45 - 11.10 Southgate Assembly (Sports Hall),
11.15 – 11.40 Westgate Assembly (Sports Hall)
11.45- 12.10 Eastgate Assembly (Sports Hall)
12.15- 12.40 Northgate Assembly (Sports Hall)
12:45 Students will be dismissed from school

please can ALL mentors walk your mentor group off site

13.00 Staff meeting in Venue for staff farewell
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