Key Information

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Mr C Bishop

Deputy Headteacher

Ms S Megeney

Contact information

Finham Park School
Green Lane

tel: 024 764 18135
fax: 024 768 40803

Our Ethos & Value

At Finham Park we strive to inspire through the delivery of a "World Class" education - success for all our learners. This school is a beacon of excellence for our community where everyone feels safe, valued, included and proud. We nurture every learner's natural curiosity - providing them with life enriching opportunities to develop socially, academically and morally.

We value honesty, teamwork and leadership; enjoyment, excitement and challenge will be key features of life here. Learners develop confidence, resilience, respect for others and a life-long love of learning, making them valued members of the Coventry community and contributors to both national and international stages.

Exam and Assessment Results

Progress 80.36N/A
Attainment 852.8452.04
Percentage of pupils entered for EBacc70.2154.2
Percentage of pupils achieving EBacc40.8534.87
Percentage of students staying in education or employment after KS4100100 (provisional data)


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Term Dates


Autumn termTuesday 3rd SeptemberFriday 20th December
Half term breakMonday 21st OctoberFriday 25th October
Spring termWednesday 8th JanuaryThursday 9th April
Half term breakMonday 24th FebruaryFriday 28th February
Summer termMonday 27th AprilFriday 17th July
Half term breakMonday 25th MayFriday 29th May

Finham Park will use the same term dates as the rest of Coventry. Click here to see the dates for the next two years.

The School Day

8:50-9:05 Mentor Period/Assembly/Baraza (on Friday)
9:05-10:05 Period 1
10:05-11:05 Period 2
11:05-11:25 Break
11:25-12:25 Period 3
12:25-1:00 Lunch OR 12:25-1:25 Period 4
1:00-2:00 Period 4 1:25-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:00 Period 5