Training School: ITP & OTP

Improving Teacher Programme and Outstanding Teacher Programme

In 2013-14 we are working with the Swan Alliance (Frederick Bird Teaching School) to deliver the ITP and OTP programmes which are sponsored by the National College for Teaching and Leadership.


The ITP programme is for schools and teachers who want to advance, develop and improve their teaching practice and deliver consistently good lessons. It is facilitated by practitioners rated as ‘outstanding’ and is designed to allow delegates the opportunity to explore learning strategies in a real school environment.

The programme will include six modules over six weeks that focus on:

  • Starters and plenaries
  • Effective lesson planning
  • Observing good practice
  • Assessment for learning
  • Questioning techniques
  • Differentiation and personalising learning
  • Discussion with peers
  • Reflection and evaluation

Places can be booked for the ITP courses through the Swan Alliance.

What is the Improving Teacher Programme?

This programme is for schools and teachers, who want to advance, develop and improve their teaching practice. It is particularly designed for teachers who have been judged to be requiring improvement but have demonstrated the potential to be good. The programme will support these teachers to deliver consistently good lessons.

Having completed the programme the participants will:

  • Understand the key concepts underpinning good practice in the classroom.
  • Be aware of the impacts of these concepts on good teaching and learning
  • Know how to deliver these concepts through consistent practice
  • Provide pupils with the best possible learning experiences
  • Improve standards in their school
  • Increase their job satisfaction
  • Work more effectively as an active member of the school team

What does It Involve?

Each programme comprises of six sessions over six weeks, Participants are grouped into “learning three” to enable an intensive learning and support experience that focuses on individual needs.

Sessions include observation, practical activities, feedback and time for reflection.

In session one participants take part in a “Ward Round” in the host school to explore examples of good practice.
After the first week, every session will provide participants with the opportunity to observe a 20-30 minute focused lesson from an outstanding practitioner in the host school with a clear focus; participants are then required to reflect on the implications for their own teaching.

Post Session Challenge

Each week the participants are asked to complete a post session challenge back in their own schools to have an opportunity to apply the skills they have acquired from the sessions. The programme requires that all participants will have an identified mentor back in their own schools ( this should not be their Head teacher) to check progress against their action plan, create opportunities for post session challenges and to monitor audits and personal targets.

The Final Session

In week 6 as a culmination and celebration of their learning throughout the programme, participants will be expected to deliver a “mini lesson” to a group of 12 pupils from the host school. The focus of this lesson will be negotiated but could be on Literacy, Numeracy or Citizenship or Personal and Social Development.

Course fee: £650