Training School: CPD

Last year staff were involved in a wide range of CPD. This has included involvement in national programmes such as the National College NPQML and NPQSL as well as local subject network and Coventry Partnership activities. Training days gave us valuable time to get to grips with new curriculum changes and all departments started to build their subject areas. We have had over 30 trainees undertake placements at Finham, gaining massively from the support of their mentors and the excellent practice they observed all around the school. The CPD year culminated in the first Finham Park Teaching and Learning Conference, attended by over 200 staff from our own school and our partner schools in the Finham MAT.

In 2016 we will welcome large number of new staff including School Direct trainees, NQTs, Cover Supervisors and Teaching Assistants. Our Thursday after school CPD programme is designed to meet their needs although is open to all staff to attend. As we are disaggregating 3 days next year full time staff need to attend eight twilight training sessions (1hour and a half) over the course of the year.

All internal CPD should be recorded on CPD Genie. External CPD should also be booked on CPD Genie well in advance of courses taking place. Please include as much information as possible so that you have the most chance of it being approved.

Our CPD programme is designed to dovetail with our strategic focus for the year as shown below. As you plan your CPD, you can use the main grid on the reverse of this newsletter to help you.

Ms A Ford
Assistant Headteacher