Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr C Bishop
Deputy Headteacher Ms S Megeney Head of Sixth Form / Assistant Headteacher Mr R Downie
Assistant Headteacher Ms C Buckenham Assistant Headteacher Ms A Ford
Assistant Headteacher Mr A Ditch Director of Training School Ms E Pyne
Director of English Ms H Cooke Director of Mathematics Ms S Green
Operations Manager Mr P Belham Headteacher's PA Ms L Buckely

Northgate Team

College Leader M Walker / E Broomhall
Mentor Group Mentor Room
NG01 Mr R Wiggins B22
NG02 Ms J Jones E12
NG03 Mr R Holmes & Ms D Watson H28
NG04 Ms K Dhanjal & LS3 L25
NG05 Ms J Lucas C24
NG06 Ms C Baker B11
NG07 Ms L Heritage H17
NG08 Ms J Staton B21
NG09 Mr D Radford K16
NG10 Ms H Frampton M26
NG11 Ms J Spokes & LS2 K18
NG12 Mr P Darby L24
NG13 Mr B Taylor D14
Additional Support Mr P Bates (NG10)

Eastgate Team

College Leader: Mr S Marfleet / Ms S Saffrey
Mentor Group Mentor Room
EG01 Mr L Baker J26
EG02 Ms S Ferry & Ms M Peirce A34
EG03 Ms H Cooke A32
EG04 Mr R Hafeji M21
EG05 Ms J Gill L22
EG06 Mr M Amos C11
EG07 Ms C Kendall & Mr R Comley K17
EG08 Mr A Sayed J17
EG09 Ms E Boyce M13
EG10 Ms L Madden C25
EG11 Ms L Beioley D12
EG12 Ms L Roberts M25
EG13 Ms S Yap J22
TA Support Ms T Hughes (EG14)

Southgate Team

College Leader Ms N Buckley / Mr R Elliott
Mentor Group Mentor Room
SG01 Ms S Booker B13
SG02 Ms D Guyatt & Ms B Eliot J13
SG03 Mr P Stone & LS1 H14
SG04 Ms R Parker J21
SG05 Ms R Charlesworth & LS1 J23
SG06 Ms R Atherton E11
SG07 Ms J Page L12
SG08 Ms E Wood D13
SG09 Mr M Gunn A37
SG10 Mr P Maguire K13
SG11 Ms L Conway & Technology supply K12
SG12 Ms K Hirst C12
SG13 Mr D Fox J12
TA Support Ms S Kaur

Westgate Team

College Leader Ms P Finn / R Oldfield
Mentor Group Mentor Room
WG01 Mr G Walker C13
WG02 Mr C Day A38
WG03 Ms L Hall B23
WG04 Ms L Willard C23
WG05 Ms S Beckinsale M12
WG06 Ms K Edwards H11
WG07 Mr D Ratcliffe B12
WG08 Mr J Darby B24
WG09 Ms A Gosal H27
WG10 Mr N Howard H24
WG11 Ms I Ali J25
WG12 Ms K Smith & Ms M Sarosh J15
WG13 Ms L Dempster M23
TA Support:

Sixthform Team

Head of Sixth Form Mr R Downie
Assistant Head of Sixth Form Miss K Purewal
Mentor Group Mentor Room
SF01 Mr C Bateman J11
SF02 Mr J Brennan L21
SF03 Mr J Bridgenman D11
SF04 Ms L Falomir D17
SF05 Ms S Green H15
SF06 Ms R Henshaw K19
SF07 Ms R Mallowes L13
SF08 Ms S Miller H23
SF09 Ms E Nash C22
SF10 Ms L Pyne D16
SF11 Mr A Smith M24
SF12 Mr A Tighe H22
Additional Staff: Ms S Bennett, MS F He, Ms S Mahmood, Ms H Lewis, Ms T Cryan